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A weekly curated menu with homecooked favorites and healthy options ready to be enjoyed at your table!


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Feasting with the Fox

Let's Cook, Let's Eat!


Frenae F. Smith started Feasting with the Fox, LLC in 2020 as a lifestyle food consultant & cater. #FWTF infuses culinary creations with everyday living. Join us for LIVE Demonstrations, recipes, cultural experiences, and travel excursions.


Let's Cook, Let's Eat!!!

At Your Service

Culinary innovation and taste are the cornerstones of Feasting with the Fox. We are committed to building long-term relationships based on personal service and exceptional quality. Choose from one of our menu options or let us design a menu specifically for you.

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Feasting with the Fox Cookbook

Volume 1: Southern Roots

...featuring recipes of southern favorites like macaroni & cheese, crabcakes, fried green tomatoes, peach cobbler, and more.


The secret ingredient is LOVE!

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