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What Our Clients Say About Us


A Culinary Experience

Paula B. :: Dallas, TX

Feasting with the Fox is a true CULINARY EXPERIENCE that takes care of and caters to everyone! Everything from appetizers to dessert, with drinks in between, is carefully crafted and paired to provide the best dining experience you will ever get with a catering service. Not only can you taste the love within the food, you are showered with it by your chef! Frenae takes time to walk you through your meal options with suggestions for substitutions if needed. The experience is yours to make because she will never steer you wrong! I highly recommend you Feast with the Fox at your next event!

Culinary Mastermind

Nick B. :: Atlanta, GA

"Witnessing the manifestation of FWTF has been rewarding and filling...figuratively and literally. Each experience is like being in the presence of culinary greatness that is consistent in food knowledge, preparation, delivery, and mind-blowing deliciousness, time after time without missing a beat.  Not only is Frenae's sense of hospitality and cooking simply "par excellence",  but her world knowledge of food, seasonings, and preparation techniques continues to blow my mind. Rest assured your heart and stomach are in good hands."

Regina P. :: Detroit, MI

"Thank you for the meal prep orders…this saved me! I got healthy and comforting food. Thank you Feasting with the Fox. My cooking days are over."

Denise R. :: Detroit, MI

"I ordered Meal Prep for my family because I was working long hours…..Oh my God, the food was so good."
IMG_6974 6.HEIC

Traveling Fox

Kari J. :: Eustis, FL

"I had the pleasure of enjoying catering services from FWTF for a few events: two catered brunches in Vegas and my 40th birthday celebration in Miami. Chef Frenae provided multiple options for me to choose from that fit my tastes and my budget. She was so flexible with the timing and location of the events. She treated all of my guests as if they were her own family. And the food…well, no words to describe how tasty it was! I still don’t know how she made a simple pasta salad taste so good!

Team Homecook

Margaret T.. :: Detroit, MI

"This is my new go to cookbook. I have cooked the collards with a twist, crab cakes, and baked chicken and rice. So Good!"

Ryan M. :: Northville, MI

FWTF Cookbook Cover Mock-up.png

Kym W. :: Southfield, MI

"Look you are now our new go-to cater.That Mac & Cheese, Pasta Salad and BBQ jerk pineapple chicken was so good!"
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